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Profitable Virtual Summit.

The #1 Way to Build an Email List, Connect with Influencers and Create an Amazing Product.

Virtual Summits Are The Best Kept Secret To Help..

Build an Audience, Connect with Influencers and Launch Your Next Thing

Build Your Audience

The real secret to being an author or entrepreneur is taking control of building your audience.

  • Scrap cold leads via ads, and add warm leads that come during your summit.

  • Your list swells with the implied endorsement of the other speakers.

  • These new leads are highly qualified and peaking with engagement.

Connect With Influencers

Connecting with influencers is tough when you are starting out. With summits, you are offering something valuable.

  • Most influencers recognize the ROI on the time of a 20 minute interview.

  • You have a golden opportunity to build a rapport with your invitation.

  • The post-summit partnerships you can create are a secret gold mine.

Launch Your Product

The mistake most people make is trying to create something first. When you host a summit, you have just created a product.

  • Your summit becomes your first digital product.

  • Right after your summit is prime time to make your next offer.

  • You can create that next offer live after your summit, based on feedback.

Still Not Sure A Virtual Summit Is The Best Thing You Can Do?

Watch The Profitable Summit Formula Workshop

Virtual Summits are unique in that they create a massive win across all five pillars of your business.

They give you a product to sell (the premium pass), increase your audience (email list) with highly engaged, cream of the crop audience from the other speakers, create authority, connect you with JV partners (more easily than other methods), and help you make sales passively.

Want to see if it makes sense for you? Watch the Free Demonstration Here...

Nothing Else Works Quite This Well For So Many Things

The Amazing Benefits of Hosting A Summit

  • A large, near instant, highly engaged, warm email list

  • An amazing way to connect with other influencers in your industry

  • Your summit becomes a product that you can now sell in perpetuity

  • The summit generates income before, during and afterwards

  • Crowdsourcing the content, you don't have to create it all yourself

  • You don't have to be the expert, you are simply interviewing the experts

  • But... you will be perceived as an expert afterwards, we call that "Peak Authority"

  • Launch Your Core Offer, to a warm audience, immediately after the summit

Here is Some Of What You Will Experience In

Summit Lab

Here are just some of the benefits, and no other activity you can do includes them all...

  • Complete lifetime access to the training

  • Supplemental Training Videos including how to conduct interviews, and the tech to use for recordings

  • A complete email template system for all your summit emails, and how to use them

  • A complete summit structure walkthrough

  • Our Proprietary Pubfunnels Summit Funnel Template with video tutorials on how to install and customize.

  • Special Speaker Outreach Made Easy Video Training (including a very important speaker etiquette section)

  • Use our counterintuitive Profitable Summit Building Formula, that ensures you are running the right summit, with the right speakers for the right audience (hint: this is the most important part of your entire summit, and most people miss it).

  • The one simple question you can ask your speakers that nearly guarantees you long-term success.

  • The one email that will immediately create rapport with your attendees and also help your deliverability

  • Complete your custom Profitable Summit Plan

  • Special Bonus: Turn your Summit into a Book Masterclass

  • Launching a business on the back end of your summit

  • The Good, Better and Best approaches to your summit tech (your budget plus where you are in your business will determine what you use). There is a solution for every budget.

I work with authors and entrepreneurs who are frustrated with the speed at which they are building an audience, connecting with influencers, and earning income.

Instead of spending 15k with me to do your summit for you, you can invest a fraction of that in yourself, and get it done.

What you are going to get in

Summit Lab 2023

Summits become a long term asset and profit center. You can get started on nearly any budget.


Exclusive Training on my latest Virtual Summit System

This is the system we use for our 15k Done-For-You Clients. Instead of trying to learn all of this yourself, or going all the way the DFY route, learn how to create your summit the right way.

  • The counterintuitive approach to coming up with your summit theme, which we reverse engineer based on the desired outcome.

  • A simple mindset shift that will make you fearless about approaching speakers.

  • How to effortlessly engage with the attendees to build incredible authority during and after your summit.

Get More Assets From Your Summit

Supplemental Training

Ironically, the benefits of your summit go well beyond the summit itself. In these bonus trainings you will:

  • Learn how to launch your next thing, or a new business on the backend of your summit.

  • Create a product from scratch (if necessary) that will be an exact fit for your new audience.

  • Re-use the content from your summit for things like blogs, podcasts and even turn your entire summit into a book (it is practically already written).

Not a Techie?

My Complete Tech System Setup

This by itself is worth the price of admission. Learning how your summit should flow is one thing (and not an easy one at that if you are doing it on your own). With my system:

  • You get the exact technical layout of how a good summit is structured.

  • Learn where to add timers, scarcity and copy for your offer.

  • If you choose to use Pubfunnels, you will get access to my pre-built template which can save you 10-20 hours of work and frustration. (template available on July 1, 2023.

  • You get the exact technical layout of how a good summit is structured.

  • Learn where to add timers, scarcity and copy for your offer.

  • If you choose to use Pubfunnels, you will get access to my pre-built template which can save you 10-20 hours of work (or frustration).

My 2023 Email Copy System

Pre-written Emails

Copywriting is arguably the hardest part of any online business endeavor. This alone could take you 20 hours of hard work. Our system is designed to:

  • Do the heavy lifting for you. No nagging attendees, the copy we use takes the ickiness out of selling your premium pass or your next thing.

  • Some of the email copy we use is so simple and powerful, that you will be amazed at how it creates engagement, whitelists your emails, and will make sales for you 24/7 during your summit.

  • We will even create your first draft of your emails for you, which you can then tweak to match your authentic voice for your list and niche.

Pubfunnels Users

Get Summit Help Inside Pubfunnels

A private area to get help and share ideas, content and ask questions. This is NOT in a noisy Facebook group, but in a business-only environment.

  • You will be in a community with the other pilot summiteers.

  • This is a safe space to share ideas, and support each other, away from the hustle and bustle of other social media

  • It is about the only other place I frequent aside from email.

Pubfunnels Required for this Bonus: We routinely provide strategy and technical help inside the Pubfunnels Community (Tuesday Calls). You are not required to use Pubfunnels with Summit Lab, but if you do, you will have access to this extra resource. Pubfunnels is a separate subscription.

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Created By The Summit Guy

Ray Brehm

Ray is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Author, has interviewed over 150 experts over the past few years, while he and his team have run summits for clients in a large variety of niches.

In 2023, Ray founded Pubfunnels™ in order to control the templates, software and experience for his Done-For-You clients.

His goal is to help as many authors and entrepreneurs as possible grow businesses using virtual summits.

Let's Make This A No-Brainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Summits become a long term asset and profit center. You can get started on nearly any budget.

Do I have to use Pubfunnels for my summit?

Not at all. We will teach you the exact structure of the summit we use, and you can apply that using any technology you want (including simple email CRM and vimeo). However, if you really want to make it easy on yourself, you will consider using Pubfunnels. If you do, you will have access to my proprietary template that allows Pubfunnels to handle everything for you (version 1 available July 1, 2023). 

We have a bunch of successful summit hosts in our Pubfunnels family, so it is a great place to find help (or even ask me questions on our weekly calls).

When can I host my summit?

Summits are very effective Jan through May, and August through October. We generally recommend you plan on starting Summit Lab 90-120 days before you plan to launch your summit. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

This package contains immediate access to our proprietary template and email copy, so there is no money back guarantee. However, if you do not make your money back on your first summit hosted within 6 months (after a valid effort), we will give you 3X your investment towards our done-for-you services to help you get it done.

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